Brands, IndustriALL support Cambodia wage bargaining agreements

ACT agreement has worked with fashion brands and non-profit global union IndustriALL to reach individual binding agreements that aim to support the ongoing process of reaching a collective bargaining agreement over wages in Cambodia.

The Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT) agreement has announced new deals between individual brands and the global union IndustriALL in Cambodia on wages.

These bilateral agreements between individual brands and IndustriALL Global Union, are said to mark a significant milestone in the move towards the first-ever brand-supported collective bargaining agreement in the garment and footwear sector.

ACT said the new agreements demonstrate strong leadership from brands, employers and unions and that the deal could “signal the potential for a new era in wage approaches, freedom of association and responsible purchasing practices”. ACT described the deal as a “call to action” for all brands sourcing from Cambodia.

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