Voter Voices: Sem Sarim, 56

Motorbike taxi driver, Lives in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district

“The current authorities are not good. The authorities are the parents of the citizens, but they never think of the children: they only think of the people who have money.

I will not vote for my commune chief. Citizens are not going to vote for the CPP.

IMG 0069
(Hannah Hawkins/The Cambodia Daily)

Authorities are deliberately holding ID cards so that they [voters] cannot vote.

I paid $10 for an ID card. I’ll never see it. The rule is we are not allowed to pay for ID cards, but they won’t process it if we don’t pay.

I have never missed an election. [The election in] 1993 sticks in my mind the most, because it was run by Untac (the U.N. Transitional Authority in Cambodia). It was very fair.

I’m very worried about polling day; I’m worried people will not be able to vote. People’s names won’t be on the list even though they registered.”

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