Police warn Rong Chhun’s supporters to cease protests

Phnom Penh Municipal police warned a group of Rong Chhun’s supporters on August 3 that they would face legal action if they continued to protest to demand the release of the union leader, who was charged days before for distorting information regarding the country’s border.

Some 70 police and military police officers and district security guards set up a barricade the same day to prevent a rally organized by about 30 of Chhun’s supporters in front of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

The court placed the outspoken unionist in pretrial detention on August 1 after charging him with incitement to commit a felony for comments he made to the media about demarcation posts along the border between Cambodia and Vietnam.

In full: https://cambojanews.com/police-warn-rong-chhuns-supporters-to-cease-protests/

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