Federal MP Julian Hill warns Cambodia’s rulers not to intimidate critics ahead of ASEAN-Australia summit

Labor MP Julian Hill has warned Cambodia's rulers not to intimidate its Australian critics.

A federal Labor MP has warned Cambodia’s rulers not to intimidate its critics in Australia, while protesters from several South-East Asian communities are demanding the Albanese government take a stronger stance on human rights abuses during the ASEAN-Australia summit in Melbourne next week.

Nine South-East Asian leaders will descend shortly on Melbourne for the meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, along with hundreds of officials, business leaders and academics.

The federal government is spruiking the meeting as a golden opportunity to build deeper political and commercial links with the strategically critical region, which is set to enjoy rapid economic growth in coming years.

In full: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-03-02/julian-hill-warns-cambodias-rulers-not-to-intimidate-critics/103538516

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