Cambodian ‘lords’ defend tycoon against human trafficking claim

Oknhas say RFA broadcast against Ly Yong Phat is ‘malicious slander’ and damaging to Cambodia.

A coterie of Cambodia’s elite businessmen have defended their multi-millionaire colleague, Ly Yong Phat, who they say is the victim of ‘malicious slander’ after a broadcast by Radio Free Asia urged authorities to investigate the tycoon for human trafficking.

Officials said they were investigating the claims which Hun Lak, secretary-general of the Cambodia Oknha Association, said was linked to a chain of hotels and demanded the news report be retracted.

He said COA members “wished to inform the public that on May 5 there was a news broadcast in Khmer in which the RFA asked the government to investigate Yong Phat’s hotel chain suspected to be involved in human trafficking.”

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