Kem Sokha Trial: Defense and Prosecution Disagree On Alleged ‘Treason’ Video

The defense said that two sections of the 1-hour video – one around 105 seconds and the other 31 seconds – had been edited together.

The Council of Judges in the Kem Sokha trial agreed on Wednesday afternoon to accept the defense’s 1-hour video clip of Kem Sokha’s alleged 2013 “treason” speech as evidence going forward, but was unclear if the 2-minute shorter clip, used to justify his arrest, would still be considered during the rest of the trial.

The judges’ ruling came after a three-hour session Wednesday afternoon, where the prosecution and defense clashed over differences between a 2-minute clip played last week by the prosecution and a 1-hour section of the same Kem Sokha speech in Australia in 2013, played in court on Wednesday by the defense.

Despite multiple questions being raised about the authenticity of the video clips and accusations of splicing and selective editing, there was no forensic analyst present in court to give an expert opinion nor was any forensic evidence presented by either side.

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