Suspects Face Trial for Role in Rape of Chamkar Mon Teenage Girl

Three people stood trial Monday for the rape of a 14-year-old girl who was drugged and abducted in Phnom Penh’s Chamkar Mon district in September, although the man suspected of carrying out the rape remains at large.

Tey Yan, 21, who lived in the victim’s neighborhood, invited the girl to a water-blessing ceremony at Stung Meanchey pagoda on September 23, after which Ms. Yan took the girl to the home of Lim Kimsay, 33, in Tumnop Toek commune, Ms. Yan said in court.

During the visit, Mr. Kimsay gave the girl a cup of drugged bubble tea. After she passed out, Ms. Yan and Mr. Kimsay tied her hands and brought her to the Sok San Guesthouse in Tuol Kok district, where Mr. Kimsay raped her, according to prosecutors.

Long Thea, 44, the moto-taxi driver who took the three passengers to the guesthouse, also stood trial Monday. Mr. Kimsay, who is still at large, was tried in absentia.

Ms. Yan told the court that while she had participated in bringing the girl to Mr. Kimsay’s house and transporting her to the guesthouse, she had no idea that he intended to rape her. She said Mr. Kimsay had masterminded the attack, and told her that if she did not help bring him the girl, he would kill her.

“I did not tie her up—it was another person,” she added.

Mr. Thea, the driver, said he had no idea that the girl was incapacitated or that she was being abducted.

“They just called me to drive them to one corner,” he said, adding that the girl and both suspects had appeared “normal” during the ride.

However, the victim’s lawyer, Reach Chantheng, said the suspects both knew of Mr. Kimsay’s intentions when they brought the girl to the guesthouse.

“The accused went together [to the guesthouse], so they knew about the intentions of Lim Kimsay. This was against the will of the victim because when she was raped, the victim shouted,” Ms. Chantheng said.

During questioning, Ms. Chantheng also pointed out that Ms. Yan waited in the bathroom for 30 minutes while Mr. Kimsay raped the girl.

The mother of the victim said her daughter was under the care of the NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, and asked the court to award the girl monetary compensation.

“I want the court to punish the accused according to the law, and I want $15,000 in compensation for the damage done to my daughter and my family,” Ms. Sovann said.

Judge Kor Vandy said the verdict for the three would be issued on June 29.

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