Manager Fired After Over 200 Workers Protest

The general manager of a Japanese-owned quality control firm was fired on Friday after more than 200 employees protested outside the Hotel Cambodiana in Phnom Penh demanding his dismissal, according to a company representative.

Kong Hareth, a supervisor at Kuwahara (Cambodia), whose offices are located inside the Cambodiana, said that the manager, Pich Bunthoeun, was hired late last year but only started antagonizing employees about a month ago, unfairly criticizing their work and using condescending language. 

“We protested because the company didn’t fire the general manager, who is a person with bad behavior who looks down on staff,” said Ms. Hareth, who organized Friday’s demonstration.

“However, after we stood protesting until 10 a.m., the company called for a meeting and decided to fire him,” she said.

“We’re really happy.” Koy Vanna, a rep­resentative of the company, confirmed that Mr. Bunthoeun was sacked for his inappropriate conduct.

“The behavior of Bunthoeun toward staff was bad, making staff unhappy. Now, he has been removed from his position,” she said.

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