Chinese, Cambodians Deny Trafficking Charge

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Monday concluded its trial of a Chinese man and three Cambodians who were charged with human trafficking in 2013 for allegedly attempting to send Cambodian women to China for marriage.

The four—Chinese businessman Liu Shiping, 35; his translator Kheang Sophea, 28; Ms. Sophea’s husband Kheang Sengly, 31; and tuk-tuk driver Doeun Meth, 52—were arrested in December 2013 on their way to Phnom Penh International Airport, where the three brides-to-be were to be put on a plane to China.

Mr. Liu told the court Monday that he had planned to marry one of the women, but denied trafficking them.

Ms. Sophea said she received $1,500 from Mr. Liu to arrange the trio’s travel documents, and was promised $100 per woman if the plan was executed successfully.

But she also denied the trafficking charges, saying she had been “just an informal translator.”

The other two defendants said they knew nothing about the arrangements.

Presiding Judge Ly Sokleng said a verdict would be announced on July 13.

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