Budget Cuts Force Out KRT Spokeswoman

Khmer Rouge tribunal spokeswoman Yuko Maeda left the court Tuesday after her job was eliminated due to planned budget cuts.

Ms. Maeda, a Japanese national, was the focal point for the tribunal’s contacts with Japanese media and local NGOs, and was also responsible for producing the monthly Court Report newsletter.

Japan has historically been the tribunal’s biggest donor, having given a total of $79.1 million, or 38 percent of the court’s budget as of December last year.

“In the new budget for 2014-2015, the staffing table was revised…and 14 international posts at the court were abolished,” said Lars Olsen, who is now the only international spokesperson in the tribunal’s Public Affairs section.

“Yuko’s is among the 14 posts that have been abolished.” Mr. Olsen will take responsibility for Ms. Maeda’s work, according to a copy of the court’s latest budget.

The budget also abolishes four positions on the national side of the Public Affairs section, while adding one job for a Cambodian public affairs assistant.


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