Anthony Bourdain always wanted to punch Henry Kissinger over Cambodia

“Henry Kissinger and a penguin walk into a bar …”


Anthony Bourdain had a joke for his guests while filming an episode of “Parts Unknown” in Indonesia. When the subject turned to the United States supporting the decades-long dictatorship of Indonesian President Suharto, who had the support of Kissinger when he was secretary of state, Bourdain loved the punchline in a joke that was more desire than jest. The punchline packed a literal punch.

“I’m not asking what you’d do, but would it displease you if I walked over and punched Henry Kissinger in the face? Would you find that entertaining?” he said in a 2018 episode that aired months after Bourdain, 61, died by suicide. “Would you feel that justice is, in some small way, served?”

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