Angelina Jolie on Bringing the Guerlain x UNESCO Women for Bees Programme to Cambodia

The actor-director and special envoy to the UN refugee agency reflects on her maternal draw to the country, the value of wartime narratives onscreen, and parenting through global conflict.

Over the years, working alongside the French beauty house Guerlain, Angelina Jolie has found herself a perpetual student of bees. Last year, in a radical gesture of being one with nature, she posed, bare-faced and stoic, for a National Geographic video as a lazy cloud of bees tiptoed across her body. But a simpler visual is fresh in mind during a recent Zoom from her office in Los Angeles, as she lays out the importance of a healthy bee population.

“Thirty percent of our food is from pollinators—that says quite a lot,” Jolie explains, at ease in an unfussy tank top. “There are some images where they show you, ‘Here’s your breakfast with the pollinators; here’s what goes away without the pollinators.’”

She laughs at the children’s museum nature of the illustration. “I like simple things like that. I’ve been educated so much, from UNESCO to scientists—but the kids’ plates work for me.”

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