‘Swallowed’ by China: Cambodia’s Ream base expansion raises alarm

Sihanoukville naval site underscores Beijing's growing military, business presence.

“This area’s been swallowed up by China. That, too,” a shopkeeper said while pointing toward Ream Naval Base in Sihanoukville in late July.

The Cambodian city, once a sleepy beach getaway, has transformed into a bustling hub for casinos and hotels in recent years as Prime Minister Hun Sen rolls out the red carpet for Chinese investment. But China’s growing clout there — in particular, Beijing’s decision to fund the expansion of the Ream base — has caused alarm both in the U.S. and among the city’s locals.

A Cambodian soldier stopped this reporter’s car as it approached the base. A palpable tension gripped Ream, unlike during previous trips there.

In full: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/business/2022/08/28/cambodia-swallowed-by-china-as-ream-base-expands/

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