Taking on Cambodia’s deaf stigma, one coffee at a time

A recently opened coffee shop in downtown Phnom Penh is empowering the country’s often marginalised deaf and mute community.

In Kampot, a riverside town in western Cambodia, 18-year old Kim Tin used to dream about one day being employed and independent.

Born deaf, he had never been able to fully communicate with his family or friends. Though he learned as a child to make gestures and mime actions with his hands, he did not begin learning formal sign language until the age of 16. He did not go to school while growing up, didn’t know any other deaf people, and worried he would always have to rely on others for support, with few job opportunities available to him.

On Friday, with an apron wrapped around his waist, Kim Tin celebrated his recent employment at Socials Coffee and Humanity, a new socially responsible enterprise focussed on hiring and supporting Cambodia’s deaf population.

In full: https://sea-globe.com/taking-on-cambodias-deaf-stigma-one-coffee-at-a-time/

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