Cambodia’s Angkor Wat to see new theme park and resort by casino firm NagaCorp

A new theme park, “Angkor Lake of Wonder”, will be built next to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex by casino operator NagaCorp. The announcement raises concerns about impacts to the ancient seat of the Khmer empire, including the possibility of casinos and gambling.

A Hong Kong-listed casino operator has announced plans to construct a 75-hectare theme park just 500 meters from Cambodia’s ancient Angkor Wat temple complex.

NagaCorp’s new “Angkor Lake of Wonder” theme park and resort will be built on the south side of the Angkor Archaeological Park protected area.

The company compared the project to Disneyland, though it will be twice the size, and says the “comprehensive non-gaming integrated world-class resort” will not include any casinos. The development would be the only NagaCorp project that doesn’t include gambling facilities, according to VOD.

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