Cambodia Gives Green Light to Reopening Casinos

Shuttered since April 1, casinos in Cambodia are finally returning said the country’s prime minister Hun Sen through a spokesperson on Friday.

Cambodia casinos will restart operations, the country’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen, confirmed on Friday. With operators now having an official green light by the government, estimated 200 casinos are expected to restart. The approval comes after the Ministry of Health has worked out the necessary safety measures to defer the spread of COVID-19 on the premises of the casinos.

Casinos had to shut down on April 1 with the novel coronavirus’ cases increasing rapidly. Yet, the peak is now deemed to have passed, giving the government and health officials some leeway in restarting operations.

According to health authorities, the incidence of COVID-19 infections in Southeast Asia has stabilized. Before they can launch, all operators planning to do so would have to make a petition to the Ministry of Health and familiarize themselves with the set of prevention measures that need to be observe before they can reopen.

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