Kem Sokha Summoned for Third Time This Month

Deputy opposition leader Kem Sokha was summoned on Wednesday—once again—to appear at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, this time next Thursday morning over a “prostitution” case involving an alleged mistress.

Deputy court prosecutor Sieng Sok, who summoned Mr. Sokha, said that he could not yet say what would happen if the deputy opposition leader does not show up to court next week, as is widely expected.

“I will consider the next procedures,” he said. Mr. Sokha has twice failed to show up for questioning at the court in the past week, and he has been threatened with arrest by Anti-Corruption Unit Chairman Om Yentieng if he continues to defy the orders.

Mr. Sokha says the government’s legal campaign against him over an alleged mistress is politically motivated, and has otherwise declined to comment on it.

The opposition party says that his immunity from prosecution as a lawmaker means he cannot be summoned, but court authorities have said that does not prevent him from being questioned.

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