Voter Voices: Brak Sao, 25

First deputy chief monk at Sovansakor pagoda; lives in Akrei Khsat commune in Kandal province’s Lvea Em district.

“I’ve been a monk for 15 years and I’ve stayed here [at this pagoda] for six years. I like the education of prayer, and I like preserving [Cambodian Buddhist] culture.

I have registered to vote here. About 90 percent of monks have registered to vote. I’ve voted in two elections already.

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I went to register to vote [last year] and the election officers encouraged all monks to vote. I vote because I want to select a good leader to lead this commune to develop good agriculture, industry and commune safety.

I’m not happy with the local authority, because the police and the authority are unable to crack down on drug users. I want the authorities to be stronger and stop drug trafficking.

I’m concerned about students using drugs. They might give up their studying, and then we could lose human resources in society.”

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