Voter Voices: Chan Samon, 39

Lotus and rice farmer; lives in Sarikakeo commune in Kandal province’s Lvea Em district.

“I worked in a [garment] factory for a year. I didn’t like it because it’s a hard job and I got a low salary—at the time, it was $60 a month. I’m going to vote for the CNRP. I’ve always voted for the opposition. Lotus farmers really believe in the CNRP.

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The local authorities do not help farmers. I want the local authorities and government to help to increase the price of lotus. Last year, the price was 10,000 riel [about $2.46] per kg. But since then, [Prime Minister] Hun Sen ordered it to be only 4,000 riel [about $0.98].

I also wonder why, if everyone here votes for the CNRP, the CNRP doesn’t get elected. I don’t trust the NEC [National Election Committee]. I’m unhappy with the [local] officials. When I sold my land, an officer demanded I give them money…. It’s a kind of corruption.

[The commune elections] might not be fair. There was a bad experience during the previous election—the CNRP should not have lost. The CPP is still there even though citizens voted for the CNRP.”

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