Teen Remains Jailed Over Social Media Comments Criticizing Father’s Political Opponent

The son of a Cambodian activist remains in jail for comments he made on social media criticizing the government, the Associated Press reported.

Kak Sovannchhay, 16, the autistic son of jailed political activist Kak Komphear, was arrested last week on charges of incitement to commit a felony and public insult. The arrest came after a Telegram chat group showed him making remarks defending his father. He also previously shared posts criticizing current Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Authorities previously said that Sovannchhay would be released on November 8. However, they later told his mother, Prum Chantha, that his release was delayed.

In full: https://www.newsweek.com/teen-remains-jailed-over-social-media-comments-criticizing-fathers-political-opponent-1647024

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