Cambodian doomsday cult under lockdown

Hun Sen says ‘self-declared reincarnation of Brahma’ seeking political advantage.

Cambodian security personnel have locked down more than 20,000 people who fled to a remote farm after predictions by a self-proclaimed Brahma (heavenly king) that catastrophic global floods would wreak havoc on a biblical scale.

Siem Reap governor Tea Seiha told local journalists the farm, near Mount Kulen in western Cambodia, was locked down from midnight On Aug 31 after followers of Khem Veasna, president of the League for Democracy Party (LDP), refused to leave.

Khem Veasna had prophesied doomsday floods would occur by Aug. 31 and his followers have said they now intend to remain until the end of September. However, Prime Minister Hun Sen has stepped in and accused the LDP leader of raising fears for political advantage.

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