The State Of Virtual Reality In Cambodia

Guest writer Martin Lansard, CEO of Cambodia-based firm Aniwaa explains how VR is playing a role in a country determined to move forward.

When people think of Cambodia, they don’t tend to consider virtual reality (VR) or even emerging technologies of any kind. It is a country often reduced to a few years of its modern history, temples and the many stereotypes usually associated with emerging countries.

My company Aniwaa, a tech media startup, is based in Phnom Penh so when we saw VRFocuspublished a 360° video of Banteay Chhmar Temple in Cambodia, we felt we had to reach out. Aniwaa is specialised in developing comparison engines and decision-making tools for emerging technology. We recently launched a comparison engine dedicated to VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) headsets, and much like we did for 3D printing, we hope to help the adoption of this exciting tech around the world, sharing its impact along the way.

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