Low-cost Sonar Kits Are Helping Cambodian Villages Prepare for Floods

Sometimes, tech that helps the world literally helps the entire world, or at least a big chunk of it. We’ve covered some of those — a counterfeit-pill detection service already serving millions, a treatment for worldwide desertification, drones that deliver blood to people in rural areas. Those are all huge projects with worldwide potential impacts.

But there are also plenty of very small, humble projects, no less important for their specificity. A flood-sensing project called Tepmachcha, created as a collaboration between the American DAI Maker Lab and the Czech-based NGO People in Need, is one of those.

“The whole world doesn’t need more than 25 of these things,” says Rob Ryan-Silva, DAI Maker Lab’s director. But that doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t need it at all.

Read the full story: http://nymag.com/developing/2018/10/low-cost-sonar-tepmachcha-alert-hyperlocal-cambodia-floods.html

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