Electroneum’s Crypto Smartphones Hit the Cambodian Market with a Bang!

On 21st February Electroneum announced the massive success of its blockchain-based crypto-friendly product M1 smartphones. As per records, this was the first of its kind sale in the history of crypto that a blockchain startup partnered up directly with a local mobile network operator.

Cellcard, one of the biggest network operators in Cambodia joined hands with Electroneum – the oldest mobile-based cryptocurrency project to work in unison for their M1 crypto smartphone.

Cellcard requested 250 pieces of M1 cell phones from Electroneum dependent on the quantity of cell phones they assessed would be sold in one month. Together, they put the figure of 250 with respect to the size of the business they do with multiple channel partners.

In full: https://www.tronweekly.com/news-electroneum-crypto-smartphones-hit-the-cambodian-market-with-a-bang/

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