ASOS paves the way for worker rights in Cambodia’s garment industry

The signing represents a step towards establishing the debut CBA in Cambodia's garment and footwear sector.

‘Extremely unusual’ group of dolphins spotted off the coast of Cambodia, photo shows

During a routine wildlife survey off the coast of Cambodia, scientists were excited to find a baby dolphin — then came “a twist.”

Rare finless dolphin discovered in Cambodia — marking country’s first sighting

A finless dolphin was recently discovered in Cambodia, marking the first-ever sighting of the species in the country, officials said.

Efforts to save Cambodia’s coast tread water as fish stocks plummet

Along the coast of Cambodia, illegal fishing is driving fish stocks toward collapse and fishing communities into poverty.

Was the CIA Director Recently in Phnom Penh?

Whether or not William Burns visited Cambodia, as former PM Hun Sen seemed to claim, U.S.-China competition has set off an intelligence race in Southeast Asia.

22% YoY rise in Cambodia’s textile-garment exports in Jan-May 2024

Exports of apparel and textiles were worth $3.628 billion during the period—up by 22 per cent YoY.

Cambodians gather for “He Neak Ta,” praying for good fortune, prosperity, and rain

Hundreds of Cambodian villagers on Tuesday took part in a rare traditional guardian spirit ceremony praying for good fortune, rain and prosperity, as they aimed to preserve this ancient tradition.

Singapore’s transition makes a mockery of Cambodia’s

Singapore uses consultative process in transition to new premier Wong while Cambodia relies on crude dynastic politics.

Cambodia’s economic growth likely to rise to 5.8% in 2024: World Bank

Cambodia's economic activity picked up in Q1 2024, driven by a revival of services and goods exports despite subdued domestic demand, a recent World Bank report noted.

Chinese solar panel makers face dilemma as US plugs trade loophole in Southeast Asia

US has opened investigations into solar panel products from Southeast Asia to block a well-trodden tariff workaround used by Chinese firms.

Cambodian PM inaugurates 1st phase of $140-mn Kampot Multipurpose Port

It is one of the 10 multipurpose ports in the country and will promote waterway transport and boost foreign trade.

RCEP, China FTA, boost Cambodian exports in Jan-May 2024

Cambodia's foreign trade rose significantly in the first five months in 2024, growing by 12 per cent YoY, official data showed.

China leg up on US for Cambodia’s military loyalty

China-Cambodia Golden Dragon exercises unleashed Beijing’s killer robodogs while US still hopes to play on new premier’s days at West Point.

How the ‘Politics of Gratitude’ Inflames Cambodia-Vietnam Relations

Some Vietnamese nationalists view Phnom Penh’s decision to press ahead with a controversial canal project as a sign of ingratitude.

Cambodia still has a stake in Myanmar’s crisis

Cambodia is keen to offer help in resolving the Myanmar crisis, in large part because of Hun Sen.

Moody’s raises NagaCorp outlook to stable due to liquidity improvement

The rating agency Moody’s has raised Cambodian gaming operator NagaCorp’s outlook from negative to stable, citing liquidity improvements.

Austin expresses concern over Cambodia’s growing relationship with China

But both the U.S. and Cambodia see room for better ties.

Cambodia and Vietnam: When a Canal Should Not Divide

Vietnam has, at times, sacrificed its national interests for the sake of good relationships with its neighbours. This still rings true today.

China taps ‘wolf warrior’ diplomat as Cambodia ambassador

Wang Wenbin to help Beijing deepen ties with Phnom Penh on economy and military.

Cambodia low tax regime a competitive edge: advisor

Low taxation on gross gaming revenue gives Cambodia an edge over other regional gaming markets.