Rare Mekong river dolphin found dead in Cambodia

A rare Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin was found dead after being entangled in a fisherman's illegal gillnet in northeast Cambodia, said a Fisheries Administration's statement to the media.

Cambodian ministry projects nearly 6.6% growth in 2024

Cambodia's economy is projected to grow by nearly 6.6 per cent this year despite geopolitical tensions and a global economic slowdown, the ministry of economy and finance recently said.

Japan MSDF destroyers make port calls in Cambodia

Two Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers on Thursday stopped at Sihanoukville port in Cambodia, located near a naval base where construction work is under way with financial aid from China.

Following Release, Thailand’s Thaksin Welcomes Former Cambodian PM

The former Thai leader established a close relationship with Hun Sen during his 15 years in self-exile.

Can Vietnam and Cambodia build a lasting peace?

Haunted by history, the two nations must go beyond official narratives for true reconciliation.

Thai influential ex-PM Thaksin gets visit from old ally Hun Sen of Cambodia

Hun Sen provided Thaksin Shinawatra with sanctuary during his exile, naming him a special advisor and allowing him to visit frequently and meet allies in Cambodia.

Cambodia’s Declining Fish Catch: Can the Tide Be Reversed?

Living in a floating village means embracing the rhythm of the ever-changing water. As I stroll through Kampong Khleang, flanked by wooden stilt houses lining sandy streets, I witness daily life unfolding. Alongside staircases, people prepare meals or run their little shops.

Cambodia promotes ex-leader Hun Sen’s youngest son as deputy PM

Cambodia’s parliament on Wednesday approved ex-ruler Hun Sen’s youngest son as a deputy prime minister, the latest member of the family to be promoted since the former leader handed the reins to his eldest son Hun Manet.

How Cambodia’s Chinese-backed Funan Techo Canal Risks Destabilizing the Lower Mekong Delta

In May 2023, the former prime minister of Cambodia – Hun Sen – led a cabinet meeting that gave the green light to the “Funan Techo Canal”, the first waterway system in Cambodia, which will connect Phnom Penh Autonomous Port to Kep Province of Cambodia.

Kwan’s “Sonmalai” Mixtape Launches in Cambodia

The new R&B mixtape by Kwan is the New Year’s gift for listeners.

Cambodian leader warns YouTubers after fake kidnapping

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet has issued a warning about fake news after a Taiwanese YouTuber visited the country and staged his own kidnapping.

In Phnom Penh, Slurping Noodles and Tasting Home Again

An excerpt from author and cook Chantha Nguon's memoir recounts her first trip home to Cambodia after fleeing as a refugee—and the dish that made her feel at home once again.

Cambodia urged to drop lawsuit against rights activist

Defamation charge against Soeng Senkaruna highlights deteriorating civic space in Cambodia, rights groups say.

In Cambodia, an official’s cashew factory churns out timber from a protected forest

A senior Cambodian official notorious for illegal logging appears to be carving out a vast swath of forest in what’s supposed to be a protected area in the country’s north.

Taiwan hikes Cambodia travel alert level following rise in H5N1 cases

Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare said on Tuesday it had raised Cambodia's travel warning level to "alert," cautioning potential travelers about the H5N1 avian flu that has been spreading in the southeast Asian country.

Former Cambodian PM Hun Sen to visit Thaksin tomorrow

Former Cambodian PM Hun Sen is scheduled to travel to Bangkok tomorrow to visit Thaksin Shinawatra, at the latter’s residence in Ban Chan Song La, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, Thaksin’s youngest daughter confirmed today.

How to Eat Your Way Through Phnom Penh, According to a Chef Rotanak Ros

The Cambodian celeb chef known as Chef Nak shares her recipe for an invigorating weekend in the cradle of Khmer cuisine.

William Beecher, Who Revealed Secret Cambodia Bombing, Dies at 90

His New York Times scoop enraged the Nixon White House, which ordered a tap on his phone. He later won a Pulitzer Prize for The Boston Globe.

Cambodian court sentences Taiwanese YouTuber to jail for faking his kidnapping

Known as GoodNight Chicken, the influencer told his followers he was going to explore a ‘dark corner’ in Cambodia allegedly known for the abduction of foreigners.

Cambodia and Thailand to jointly tackle PM2.5 pollution on border

The Burapha Army Command and Sa Kaeo provincial administration have joined hands with Cambodian authorities in tackling PM2.5 air pollution on the border between Sa Kaeo province in Thailand’s eastern region and Cambodia Banteay Meanchey province.


China’s Naval Base In Cambodia Undergoes Rapid Construction; Can Host An Aircraft Carrier – Satellite Images Reveal

In what appears to be another step towards realizing Chinese ambitions in the Indo-Pacific, a new set of satellite images reveals that the country has, since 2020, made progress toward constructing a naval base in Cambodia, with several structures now nearing completion.