World Lethwei Championship to make US debut later this year, talks ongoing with ‘familiar names in MMA’

WLC is the leading lethwei organization in the world and are looking to broaden their audience over the coming year.

Lethwei is a Burmese bare-knuckle combat sport that originated in Myanmar, Southeast Asia. It is known as ‘The Art of Nine Limbs’ because headbutts can play a key role in the action alongside the more commonly used punches, kicks, knees and elbows. The sport is often viewed as niche, but that is a perception World Lethwei Championship’s CEO, Gerald Ng, is trying to change.

Ng previously held roles in sports broadcast with Eleven Sports Network and One Championship before making the move over to the World Lethwai Championship. He has over a decade of sports management experience and has been a huge fan of martial arts for his whole life. Ng was brought into the organization by a group of Burmese businessmen, who wanted to raise the international awareness of lethwai, to spearhead their project. Since joining the WLC, he hasn’t looked back and believes there is no reason why the sport can’t be as popular as the more established disciplines.

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