With it’s basketball history in bits and pieces, Cambodia are creating a new chapter for the future

The tragic period of the late 1970s in Cambodia dealt a huge blow to each and every aspect in the country. Basketball was obviously no exception as the history of Cambodia basketball was nearly wiped out from that time.

Bits of nostalgia concerning basketball survived the brutal moments, though it has been tough for the Cambodia Basketball Federation (CBF) to piece everything together. Whether it is pockets of interviews revealing the thriving basketball community around the country and invitational tournaments that Cambodia participated in, CBF has gone through an ongoing process to recover photos concerning these events. It is therefore a sad situation in which the young Cambodia ballers of today have not had many local inspirations or role models to look up to.

“We hope that this write up will reach surviving members of the past era to provide more information,” said CBF Secretary-General, Koledoye Abayomi.

In full: https://www.fiba.basketball/news/with-it-s-basketball-history-in-bits-and-pieces-cambodia-are-creating-a-new-chapter-for-the-future

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