Five USA teams set to compete in FIVB Cambodia two-star

Kim Hildreth and Sarah Schermerhorn did not ease their way into their international beach volleyball careers, as most would. They didn’t take a quick flight down to Puerto Rico or any of the island countries near Florida. It didn’t begin with a little one-star in Europe.

It actually began easy enough. Just a four-hour drive from Orlando to Miami. And then the real travel for the FIVB two-star in Cambodia this week began: 14 hours to Doha, 10-hour layover, seven hours to Vietnam, three-hour layover, one hour to Siem Reap and — voila! — just like that, they’ve made it!

“We’re looking at it as, if you’re committing to a single elimination tournament on the other side of the world, it elevates your confidence in your team,” Hildreth said. “Because you’ve gotta be confident to do that.”

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