FIFA bug comes alive as goalkeeper makes hilarious howler in Cambodian youth league match

We all love a funny own goal or a hilarious mistake leading to an opposition player scoring, so when a stunning incident came to the forefront from a Cambodian youth league match, it certainly caught our attention.

The game comes to us from Cambodia, with an U-18 Youth Cup tournament known as the Svay Rieng Cup. The tournament was designed to promote the sport of football in the country at the grassroots level and have the best teams in that particular region fight it out for the trophy.

From one of the games in this tournament, we have this truly incredible footage in a match between two of the youth teams. As can be seen, the ball is given away in midfield to the opposition, and a brilliant through ball finds the striker, who proceeds to finish with ease because of a gift from the goalkeeper. That gift, of course, being the luxury of a completely open goal!

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