North Koreans Optimistic That Flurry of Diplomacy Will Bring Sanctions Relief

A renewed flurry of diplomacy with North Korea has made many people in the isolated country optimistic that subsequent summits between leader Kim Jong Un and the presidents of South Korea and the United States could lead to the removal of UN sanctions and improve the economy, a Pyongyang-based source told RFA’s Korean Service.

The source said that in the aftermath of previous summits between Kim and Presidents Moon Jae-in and Donald Trump that there is a “growing sense of optimism” among the people, and they now have “an expectation for new changes in the economic sector, and also in the matter of addressing the issue of reunification.”

“Since South Korean President’s Moon Jae-in’s last visit to Pyongyang, people here in North Korea are receptive to the idea of reunification more so than ever,” the source said.

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