53 Lao Women and Girls Rounded Up in Karaoke Bar Raid in Southern Thailand

Police and military personnel rounded up and detained 53 Laotians–50 women and three girls who were allegedly employed as sex workers–during raids on karaoke bars in southern Thailand’s Narathiwat province, authorities said Friday.

The Thursday night raids by a multi-agency task force targeted karaoke establishments on Ra-ngaemankha road in Muang Narathiwat, a main city in the province located in Thailand’s Deep South, officials said.

“Officers surrounded the area, and disguised themselves as customers to buy their service at the target karaoke bars … We raided all karaoke bars in the whole area,” Pol. Lt. Tohsak Sawasdimongkol, director of the anti-human trafficking unit at the Thai police’s Department of Special Investigations (DSI), told reporters in Narathiwat town.

Read the full story: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/laos/thailand-women-11092018174149.html

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