Woman Involved in Alleged Luon Sovath Scandal Denies Posting Videos

A woman in Siem Reap, who is linked to a rape investigation into activist monk Luon Sovath, told VOA Khmer on Tuesday that an unknown person was impersonating her on Facebook and posting purportedly incriminating videos between the monk and four women.

Tim Ratha, who is a resident of Siem Reap province, told VOA Khmer that an unknown individual was impersonating her in the “Srey Da Chi-Kraeng” Facebook page, where videos purportedly between Luon Sovath and four other women were posted.

The alleged videos, involving a mother and three women, one of them is Tim Ratha, is being used by the Siem Reap police to investigate Luon Sovath for alleged rape.

In full: https://www.voacambodia.com/a/woman-involved-in-alleged-luon-sovath-scandal-denies-posting-videos/5473833.html

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