U.S. sanctions violate Chinese firm’s lawful rights, Cambodia’s sovereignty: Chinese Embassy to Cambodia

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy to Cambodia on Wednesday strongly condemned the United States for imposing sanctions on a Chinese firm in Cambodia, saying that the United States is violating the firm’s legitimate rights and Cambodia’s sovereignty.

The spokesperson said in a statement that the United States completely ignores the facts and it is based on unwarranted charges to impose sanctions on Chinese developer Union Development Group Co. Ltd. (UDG) in Cambodia.

“The U.S. sanctions citing domestic law is a blatant hegemonic act,” the spokesperson said. “The U.S. suppression on the legitimate investment of a Chinese enterprise in Cambodia has not only harmed the lawful rights and interests of the company, but also trampled on the sovereignty of Cambodia.”

In full: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-09/16/c_139373628.htm

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