Two words the only difference in edited Kem Sokha video, government lawyer says

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Wednesday showed the full video of Kem Sokha’s 2013 speech that is at the heart of his treason trial, according to lawyers present.

A government lawyer said the hourlong video added just two words to the key section of the speech that the government had presented to the court in condensed form. But Sokha’s lawyers, who had pushed for the full video to be shown, said the shortened video should be considered “false evidence” because it had been edited.

Sokha, president of the dissolved opposition CNRP, is on trial for conspiracy with a foreign power, more than two years after his arrest, and faces up to 30 years in prison if found guilty. The ruling party has accused him of working with the U.S. to overthrow the government, with a two-minute clip of the 2013 speech in Melbourne allegedly exposing his intentions.

In full:

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