Sokha calls for restoration of political rights

Former opposition party leader Kem Sokha on September 2 took to social media to demand he be allowed to engage in politics and reiterated calls on the court to drop the treason charge against him, while three other ex-senior CNRP officials have also requested their political rights be restored.

Sokha, president of the main opposition CNRP — dissolved by Supreme Court order in 2017 — was arrested on September 3, 2017, and charged with conspiring with a foreign power for allegedly working with the US to overthrow the government, though Sokha has maintained that he has acted transparently to try to win the election. The trial is ongoing at the municipal court.

Former lawmaker Son Chhay and former party members Var Samon and Tav Kem Chhorn on August 27 sent a letter to Interior Minister Sar Kheng also seeking political rehabilitation. Nine CNRP members before them — Kong Korm, Kong Bora, Real Camarin, Chiv Kata, Kang Kimhak, Ou Chanrath, Chan Sela, Tep Sethi, and Sin Sovanny — have already been granted permission to engage in politics once again.

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