Shining on the global stage

With Cambodia set to host the high-profile Europe-Asia cooperation summit ASEM 2020 come November, Robert Hör of think tank KAS explains why he believes the meet could be crucial in setting Cambodia back on track on the global stage.

Eight months to the day, Cambodia will have the opportunity to shine on the global stage as host of the 13th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), set to be held in the capital Phnom Penh on November 16-17. In terms of the sheer number and diversity of national representatives who will be in attendance, the coming summit is set to be one of the biggest political events in Cambodia’s contemporary history.

ASEM provides a multi-level diplomatic platform for governments from 53 states who meet biennially to exchange ideas and views. It promotes diplomatic and economic relations through dialogue and cooperation between two of the most economically dynamic regions in the world through a commitment to globalisation and a rules-based world order.

In this, ASEM runs contrary to current global trends of increasing nationalism, populism and economic protectionism, such as those as reflected in policies of the US administration under president Donald Trump.

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