Fourth Cambodian charged for attempting ‘peasant revolt’

Human Rights Watch says charges designed to silence critics ahead of elections.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Tells Countries to Stay Silent on Election Process

More revolutionary plots are alleged ahead of the July 23 poll.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Accuses Western Diplomats of Supporting Opposition

Since the 1990s, accusations of foreign interference have occupied a privileged position in the Cambodian leader’s rhetorical arsenal.

‘Fake’ Cambodian trade claim

A Federal MP has branded a South-East branch of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce as a “fake” and a “front” for the Cambodian Government.

Cambodia Has Benefited From BRI projects, but Must be More Strategic Going Forward

Cambodia’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative has strengthened relations with China and brought net benefits, but also highlighted the risks of over-reliance on one country and the need for a more comprehensive framework for evaluating new investments.

Cambodia elections will be ‘joke’, says opposition figure Sam Rainsy

Prominent Cambodian opposition figure Sam Rainsy on Friday denounced elections in July as a farce after the sole opposition party was disqualified, and derided long-ruling Prime Minister Hun Sen's plan for his son to succeed him in power.

Cambodia’s main opposition party barred from July election

Disqualification means the ruling Cambodian People’s Party under Hun Sen is likely to sweep the election as it did in 2018.

Cambodia’s election ban on opposition widely condemned

Authorities continue to insist that the Southeast Asian country is ‘liberal, pluralistic, and democratic’.

Nothing Democratic About Snuffing Out Candlelight Party Ahead of Cambodian Elections

Cambodia’s election commission disqualified the Candlelight Party, considered the country’s only effective opposition party, on May 15.

Cambodia Disqualifies Main Opposition Party Ahead of Election

Prime Minister Hun Sen, whose grip on power has lasted 38 years, has said he wants his son to succeed him, laying the groundwork for a new political dynasty.

Cambodia gov’t slammed for barring opposition party from contesting election

Cambodia’s government on Tuesday came under international fire after the only credible challenger to the ruling party of strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen was disqualified from contesting the upcoming general election.

Cambodia’s main opposition party banned from election

Ruling party now expected to win every seat at upcoming poll in July.

Cambodia’s Main Opposition Party Barred From July Election

The National Election Committee has refused to accept the Candlelight Party’s election registration, opening the way to another clean sweep by PM Hun Sen’s CPP.

Cambodia poll body disqualifies sole opposition party from July election

Cambodia's election commission on Monday disqualified the sole opposition Candlelight Party from contesting elections in July over its failure to submit proper registration documents.

Cambodia: Opposition Candlelight Party barred from July vote

Cambodia's main opposition party and the sole credible challenger to the country's long-time leader Hun Sen has been barred from contesting July's election.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Uses Red Tape to Ensure a Risk-free Election

By tangling up the country’s one significant opposition party in tailor-made bureaucracy, the long-ruling leader is hoping to replicate the one-horse race of 2018.

Cambodian PM urges opposition supporters to avoid protests during SEA Games

Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen on Sunday called on main opposition party supporters to avoid protests as the kingdom is hosting the 32nd South-East Asian (SEA) Games.

Cambodia: Democratic World Must Deny Hun Sen Legitimacy after Election with No Opposition

Two weeks after my article “Cambodia: Government invents red tape to stop opposition registering for election” appeared in The Geopolitics, my worst predictions have come true.

Jailed Cambodian Opposition Activists Pardoned Ahead Of Polls

Nine Cambodian opposition activists jailed in mass trials last year received a royal pardon on Friday after they made public apologies.

Cambodia and Thailand’s Cultural Rivalry Has Serious Implications

The nationalist rush to claim ownership over cultural heritage is on full display during the SEA Games. In the past, it has even led to bloodshed.