No more textile benefits for Cambodia: EU cuts tariff privileges

As of mid-August, the Asian country will have to apply charges on exports of certain clothing and footwear products.

No more textile benefits for Cambodia. The European Commission has decided to partially withdraw tariff preferences to the Asian country. The measure responds to the conclusions of a Brussels delegation sent to the country, that determined that the current ruling party in Cambodia outlawed the opposition just before the celebration of elections.

Starting in mid-August, the country will have to pay tariffs on exports of certain types of clothing and footwear. Until now, Cambodia enjoyed a zero tariff under the Everything but Arms (EBA) program. The measure will impact Cambodian exports of one billion euros and will be effective on August 12.

Josep Borrell, a high representative of the Commission for foreign policy said that “the duration, scale and impact of violations of rights to political participation and freedom of expression in Cambodia have left the European Union with the only option to partially withdraw the preferences”.

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