Little Evidence Presented On Day 7 Of Kem Sokha’s Trial, Lawyers Continue to Bicker

Government lawyers tried to suggest that the event was clear evidence of the United States’ support for Kem Sokha and that it had funded his political career, in addition to his human rights NGO, CCHR.

As Kem Sokha’s trial entered the fourth week of hearings, little new evidence was presented in court Wednesday morning, to back the treason charge against the opposition leader, with the lawyers instead bickering over procedural issues and engaging in petty arguments.

The seventh day of the trial kicked off with government lawyer Ly Chanthola playing a 2013 video clip of Kem Sokha attending an event at Long Beach, United States, with then-U.S. lawmaker Ed Royce.

In the clip, Ed Royce talks about Kem Sokha’s use of non-violence to push for democratic change and handed him a document praising his work. This was the only piece of new evidence produced in court Wednesday morning.

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