Kem Sokha Trial Adjourned Till Next Week, Defense Given Time To Submit Evidence

Journalists have so far relied on short comments from government and defense lawyers when the court is in recess, but have lacked a lot of critical details about the two days of hearings.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court prematurely ended Thursday’s hearing into Kem Sokha’s treason trial, to allow for the defense to consolidate all the documents and evidence it planned to present before the court.

The court resumed the hearing Thursday morning, with the proceedings also discussing Kem Sokha’s activities from 1993 to 2007. The panel of three judges asked the defense to submit all the evidence they wanted to present to the court in one package by January 20. They then suspended the proceedings till next week, said Pheng Heng, one of Kem Sokha’s lawyers.

The court did spend a large section of Wednesday’s hearing to deliberate over the defense’s request to present its evidence, specifically a more than a two-hour discussion on whether to play the entire “treason” video clip from 2013.

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