Kem Sokha Says Court Unable To Understand His Political Strategy

The court has resumed the trial hearing Thursday morning, where the judges will delve into Kem Sokha's work from 2008 till he was arrested in 2017.

Opposition leader Kem Sokha told VOA Khmer he would spend more time to explain to the court and prosecution his works as a human rights activist and politician, which he said they were mistaken as an attempt to start a revolution.

Kem Sokha spoke to VOA Khmer Thursday morning as he departed for the second day of his treason trial, which began on Wednesday. The opposition leader said he had only worked in his political and human rights careers to empower those who were “fearful, uninformed, and hungry.”

“What I am doing is for democracy and human rights,” he said outside his home in Tuol Kork. “I am not sure if they understand it or not.”

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