Kem Sokha Denies US Pushed for ‘Yugoslavia Style’ Revolution, Says CCHR Did Not Foment Uprising

Opposition leader Kem Sokha said the United States government did not recommend he start a “Yugoslavia” style revolution in Cambodia and that the Cambodian Center for Human Rights was not used as a platform to instigate a grassroots uprising against Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The fourth day of Kem Sokha’s treason trial resumed in Phnom Penh on Thursday, focusing again on his work as a politician and head of human rights NGO CCHR, between 1993 and 2007, frequently looping back to the alleged “treason” video.

The alleged “treason” video of Kem Sokha is a speech he gave in Australia in 2013, following the national elections, when the opposition and ruling party were in a political stalemate over electoral results. The government and prosecution have said in court that his speech confirms his guilt.

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