Justice Ministry Defends Emergency Law Ahead of Constitutional Review

Ahead of a constitutional review of the state of emergency draft law, a Justice Ministry official again defended the sweeping legislation, saying it would not violate citizens’ rights despite concerns raised by the U.N. and civil society.

Chin Malin, spokesman for the Justice Ministry, said during a press conference on Wednesday that the Constitutional Council will review the draft law on Friday.

“After the Constitutional Council sees this law and decides that it does not violate the constitution and people’s freedoms, the next step is this law will be sent to the head of state for signature to be introduced into law,” Malin said, while reiterating that the law would probably not be implemented if the Covid-19 infection rate remains as low as it currently is.

In full: https://vodenglish.news/justice-ministry-defends-emergency-law-ahead-of-constitutional-review/

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