Judge, Prosecution Suggest Foreign Funding and Assistance Given to Kem Sokha’s Political Party

The prosecution and a judge in the Kem Sokha’s treason trial strongly hinted on Thursday that foreign assistance and funding was given to the opposition leader’s Human Rights Party, though providing little evidence to support the thinly-veiled suggestion.

The treason trial for Kem Sokha resumed on Thursday morning with judge Seng Leang, the prosecution and government lawyers questioning the opposition leader about the sources of funding for the Human Rights Party, assistance he received to draft its policies and a 2012 finance report for the party.

Seng Leang asked Kem Sokha on multiple occasions about the source of funding for the Human Rights Party, what were the nationalities of experts he used to draft the party’s policies, and repeatedly asked if any foreigners or U.S.-funded groups, such as IRI and NDI, were involved in providing donations to the HRP.

In full: https://www.voacambodia.com/a/judge-prosecution-suggest-foreign-funding-and-assistance-given-to-kem-sokha-political-party/5266574.html

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