Incoming Cambodian PM Hun Manet Burdened With Human Trafficking Challenge

As the country’s leader prepared to hand over power to his son, Indonesian police made arrests connected to an Cambodia-based organ harvesting ring.

Cambodia’s incoming Prime Minister Hun Manet is facing a series of pressing and unresolved issues left over from his father’s administration, both in foreign policy and on the home front. As previously noted, the Ream Naval Base is at or near the top of that agenda.

However, Ream – and its Chinese-funded reconstruction – belongs in the realm of geopolitical strategies and the corridors of power in Washington, Beijing, and Phnom Penh. It’s all about what might happen in the future amid ongoing brinkmanship in the South China Sea.

Closer to home are the many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, who were duped into false job advertisements and trafficked into compounds where they were forced to work online scams and meet quotas under threats of torture from organized crime syndicates.

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