Hong Kong and Cambodia: a common cause

After relentless protests, the Hong Kong administration was forced to cave in, shelving a contentious extradition bill that would have seen people transferred out of the city to any jurisdiction, including mainland China. The result might be only short-term relief for local people, but the outcome delivered a historic triumph for defenders of democracy and human rights, reverberating beyond Hong Kong itself.

Hong Kong’s protests enlivened Cambodians, those still inside the country and the overseas diaspora, as most lament their rights being barred by the country’s ruler, Hun Sen.

The relevant question is not whether Cambodians can emulate the Hong Kong protests, but rather why the international community continues to legitimize Hun Sen’s regime.

In full: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/06/opinion/hong-kong-and-cambodia-a-common-cause/

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