Furious response as US blacklists Chinese developer over Cambodian ‘human rights violation’

The US blacklisted a Chinese developer yesterday, claiming that it was building a Cambodian port, airport and resort complex on land seized from local people, and could be used as a military base.

Today, the Chinese embassy in Cambodia called the decision “a blatant hegemonic act” and demanded that the US “correct its wrongdoing and withdraw the so-called sanction”.

The company in question is the Union Development Group, which is building the $3.8bn Dara Sakor complex on 36,000ha of land leased for 99 years in the Botum Sakor national park.

Altogether, the concession covers a fifth of Cambodia’s coastline.

In full: https://www.globalconstructionreview.com/news/us-decision-backlist-chinese-developer-over-cambod/

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