Fleeing PMs, a Qatar link, a Cambodia order

As a convict, Nawaz Sharif could only manage to leave Pakistan by winning a reprieve on health grounds.

Finally, Nawaz Sharif has done a runner albeit with a legal sanction that suddenly makes him a law-abiding renegade, a rarity in a place where abusing law is a badge of honour even for non-descript folks.

Despite the apparent official efforts to retain him, the three-time former head of the state was allowed to leave thanks to an order by Lahore High Court.

A bewildered Imran Khan government decided not to challenge the decision clearing the way for egress. Sharif, who was imprisoned for corruption, was put on the loathsome Exit Control List (ECL) that bars people from leaving the country. As a convict, he could only manage by winning a reprieve on health grounds.

In full: https://www.telegraphindia.com/world/fleeing-pms-a-qatar-link-a-cambodia-order/cid/1721797

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