Court Questions Kem Sokha’s Decision to Form CNRP with “Violent” Sam Rainsy

The council of judges on Wednesday afternoon proceeded to question Kem Sokha about his stated adherence to nonviolence and attempted to impeach his character by associating him with the “violent policies” of exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

The council of judges’ line of questioning was similar to the prosecution’s assertion a few weeks ago that Kem Sokha’s repeated claims – in old speeches and stated political policies – that he only followed nonviolent strategies was moot because he associated with Sam Rainsy to form the Cambodia National Rescue Party.

Judge Seng Leang, one of the three judges in the case, questioned Kem Sokha for around 45 minutes over his decision to merge the Human Rights Party with the Sam Rainsy Party in 2012 to form the CNRP.

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